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Pianism as Art — Пианизм как Искусство

Composer-pianist Samuil Evgenyevich Feinberg (1890-1962) became one of the founders of the modern Russian school at the Moscow Conservatory, where he enjoyed universal esteem. The language of his seminal book is exquisite, its ideas invaluable, its conclusions compelling. Feinberg assays the piano’s kaleidoscopic possibilities more completely than has ever been expressed in a single volume, perceptively analyzing style, sound, technique, rhythm, pedaling, and the vital connection between poetry and music, among a host of fascinating musical material. Feinberg became strongly attuned to social justice, equality and access, and one reads within his book's pages a lifetime of wisdom and humanity experienced through the piano’s unique voice. This is its first complete translation into English (publication date: spring 2020).