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Better to Speak of It: Fostering Relationships & Results through Creativity

Better to Speak of It is a book of core leadership, management and personal values written by Robert Rimm in collaboration with Clive Gillinson, executive and artistic director of Carnegie Hall. Better to Speak of It offers specific, first-hand experiences from Gillinson and many leaders within key nonprofit, corporate, educational and cultural fields, appealing to readers—including nonprofit directors and managers, corporate executives and employees, arts-administration staff and students, and the public interested in the health and well-being of the arts—seeking insight into how creativity can be applied with substantial results. The book explores the vital benefits of innovation and organizational management, serving others and effective partnerships, access and mentoring, budgeting and well-considered risk, media and effective communications, education and lifelong learning, while also examining pervasive management practices that can all too easily lead to stagnation and failure.


"I always try to embrace new ideas, to challenge current thinking, to enjoy feeling vulnerable in the wake of thoughts that may not mesh with my own. But our meetings would not go anywhere if I thought I knew it all—we'd miss out on an infinite number of possibilities."


—Clive Gillinson, executive and artistic director of Carnegie Hall, in the 'Questions over Answers' chapter